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Our business model relies on using a small, responsive team with broad experience in conducting the types of analysis required under CEQA and NEPA. To address the specialized needs of individual projects, we work closely with teaming partners who share our approach to the environmental compliance process: experienced, efficient, and effective.

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Environmental professionals and firms interested in becoming a part of the GrassRoots network can contact us at opportunities@​grassrootsenv.com for more information.

Our Team

Grassroots brings to your project the benefits of more than 70 years of combined environmental experience and a 10-year working relationship. Our knowledge and expertise translate into an efficient, targeted approach to environmental compliance and mitigation. At the same time, our broad range of experience allows us to identify just the right tools to accomplish your goals and keep your project moving forward.

Debra Lilly has more than 20 years of experience in the field of environmental consulting and has managed and prepared large and small projects for compliance with the full range of regulatory requirements under CEQA and NEPA. She coordinates public participation and public input opportunities and is an expert technical writer and editor. More

Lorrie Jo Williams is an experienced graphic designer with a broad range of skills including design, layout, illustration, photography and web design. A skilled graphic designer, she is proficient in industry standard software including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, CSS, and HTML. More

Charlane Gross, M.A., RPA, is an archaeologist/osteologist with more than 25 years of management, field, and research experience throughout the United States and abroad. She has considerable expertise in the development and production of cultural resources recordation and management documents; is highly skilled in agency, client, and Native American community coordination and consultation; and specializes in human osteology and burial excavation methodologies. More






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We've known each other a really, really long time.