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Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Central Valley Independent Network (CVIN)

CVIN Fiber-Optic Installation Project

Construction monitoring on over 400 miles of this 720-mile discontiguous project route facilitating CVIN compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

This project provides high-speed internet services to civic offices and community colleges in underserved areas, requiring coordination with city, state, and federal agencies; identification and assessment of natural and cultural resources; and development of avoidance measures throughout the route.

CVIN Installation Route MapGrassRoots is providing cultural, paleontological, and biological surveys, monitoring, and environmental awareness training for the majority of the route, working with numerous construction contractors, inspectors, and agency representatives.

ARRA grant funding has necessitated an expedited construction schedule. GrassRoots monitors ensure this schedule has been and will continue to be met without sacrificing environmental requirements.

On several occasions, GrassRoots field monitors have identified new resources, including prehistoric sites and protected bird species. In each case, avoidance measures have been developed to ensure regulatory compliance.

Project Tasks

  • Resource surveys
  • Construction monitoring
  • Worker awareness training
  • Coordination with city, state, and federal agencies

Connecting to History

The project route passes through both Columbia and Marshall Gold Discovery (Coloma) state historic parks. Each park highlights a significant location from the Gold Rush period of state history. Marshall Gold Discovery SHP is the location of Sutter’s Mill, where James Marshall first discovered gold in 1848, igniting gold fever around the world.