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On Track to the Super Bowl

VTA Mountain View Station

Traffic is one of the biggest off-the-field issues around any major sporting event. In the case of Super Bowl 50, the local transit agency has been “tracking” the problem for years.

Cost-effective, efficient
environmental consulting

In the rapidly changing world of land use planning, development, and construction, GrassRoots Environmental balances the complexity of environmental regulations with the specific needs of your project.

Cost conscious and responsive, GrassRoots assembles a multidisciplinary team of environmental consultants to address your specific project needs. Our experienced team will guide your project from the beginning to the end, and beyond, as we help you navigate the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act and/or the National Environmental Policy Act and then provide agency coordination, permitting, and monitoring during construction.

Our Grass Really Is Green

At GrassRoots Environmental we fully support the concept that companies, as well as individuals, should go “green” to the extent possible; it’s not just a politically correct idea, but a way of life. And today’s technology makes it easier than ever.

We work from home-based offices, reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the need for regular commuting. We still value the quality of interaction that comes from face-to-face meetings, but we find that through emails and phone calls we can reduce in-person meetings and increase productivity.

By sharing files, photographs, and other information electronically, we reduce the use of paper and other office supplies. When we do purchase supplies, we look for sustainable options.


SB (Micro) #1754260 – California Department of General Services

DBE #40555 – federal/​Caltrans/CUCP

WBE #12050097 – CPUC

WOSB – Small Business Administration